S e r v i c e s

Live Art Performance

Live Art is when an artist chooses to make work directly in front of the audience in space and time. So instead of making an object, or an environment (a painting for example) and leaving it for the audience to encounter in their own time, Live Art comes into being at the actual moment of encounter between artist and spectator.

This is usually great for events, activations, and campaigns.


We create designs on merchandise – T Shirts, Shoes, Mugs, Note Pads, Laptop Cases, and more. We are able to replicate an already existing design, or tailor a specific art work to suit our customers need.


We produce wall murals in office spaces, exterior of buildings, children’s playroom, home spaces, religious houses. We take time to discuss our client’s exact needs, take measurements, produce digital designs for approval, and then execute effectively. You dream it, and we bring it to life.

Urban Art Event

With our team of skilled personnel, we are able to produce Urban art events and pop ups for any occasion.

Team Building/Art Parties

We can create thematic art spaces for your next dinner party, children’s event, wedding party, or company event. Art is a great team building exercise, and we know exactly how to make it interesting and engaging.

Graffiti & Street Art

We produce graffiti designs on already existing walls, or false walls, which we create. We are also able to build a set where required. We are most famous for our graffiti artwork.

Brand Design

If you’re looking for fresh ideas for your brand identity or communication, then look no further. We create clean and crisp designs for our customers – Logo’s, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Websites, and Merchandise.